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Slow Mobile websites lose 25% of their traffic

As websites have become more complex and interactive they have also become heavy and slow to open. This is especially true for phones and other small devices. And what is worse for phones is that the site may appear to have opened but a large page could continue to upload content below the fold after the visible area opens, making the site navigation unusable until after everything loads.

Things that will make your website fast and efficient like a Cheetah-

1. Reduce overall page size. Content
below the fold should be segmented
2. Optimize images (Too many, too large,
wrong size and wrong file types)
3. Minimize ad usage
4. Remove unnecessary redirects
5. Use a local server
6. Shared hosting plans could slow your site down
7. Remove excessive social media scripts
8. Caching your site
9. Reduce HTTP requests on each page
10. Correct server configuration
11. Reduce CSS imports
12. Remove unnecessary files on each page
13. Limit use of heavy background image files
14. Do website routine maintenance which varies by website
15. Assign labor to manage this process
Note: A non-technical person could do some of this work however much of the work requires some technical expertise.  As a business owner or CEO it makes more sense to hire someone familiar with how to make the changes quickly and correctly.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages consist of three core components and include most of the points listed above.
  1. AMP HTML- Which is an HTML code with some restrictions for fast reliable performance.
  2. AMP JS – JS Library ensures the fast rendering of AMP HTML pages.
  3. AMP Cache – In some cases Google AMP Cache or other companies that support AMP Cache for HTML pages will be used to increase load speed.
AMP is unique to Mobile. If your business depends on Mobile traffic then AMP is something you should invest in.
Speeding up your website for either mobile or larger versions can pay you back many time over with increased sales.

Mobile Apps

The mobile app has become one of the top selling tools in recent times.  The unpresidented increase in data phone usage in recent years has lead to a high demand for mobile friendly websites and applications that make use of a phone easy and clear.  Businesses with a solid mobile friendly website and/or app, benefit from increased sales.

Constant Movement

Consumers travel from their homes, to the office, to off-site meetings, to a stop at the coffee shop, then back to work for the afternoon before heading back home. That’s a lot of movement.

A consumer might visit your site on their desktop at work, read an email from you on their tablet while at a meeting, and check you out on Twitter from their smartphone at the coffee shop. It’s becoming increasingly more important for businesses to maintain a connected and consistent presence across multiple platforms.

How much time and/or money should a small business spend?

Professional marketing companies will recommend 7% to 8% of your revenue. Others will suggest that small businesses spend 7-20 hours a week. Larger companies more.
The truth is there is no perfect formula for how much time or dollars you should spend. There are so many variables that need to be considered to determine the amount of investment and where to spend it that most businesses go about marketing as if it were a dart game. They throw darts hoping to hit the bulls eye.

The problem is that without some solid marketing information it’s like throwing darts from 30 feet away. If you can gather up lots of information so you understand your customers better, your competition better and your marketing opportunities better you can move the target much closer. Once your darts are hitting the dart board you can start to zero in on the bulls eye.

Marketing Stress

There are three stresses that make up the majority of marketing stress for small to mid sized businesses.

  • Lack of time to manage the marketing
  • Lack of funds to higher a professional to manage the marketing
  • The difficulty in finding and retaining someone to manage marketing with the needed skills for your business

If you started a business with the knowledge that you would be responsible for marketing the business you should have time budgeted for those tasks and have some background that made you feel confident you could manage your the marketing for your company. If you started your business so you could work less or to run the business, you probably don’t have the time or the knowledge to do the marketing yourself. In fact trying to do the marketing when you are ill trained to do so can quickly take up all your time and probably not give you the best results.

The solution- Higher a professional

How to know if you have the right person for you marketing

Digital marketing is changing so rapidly that a small marketing office should probably only specialize in one part of digital marketing in order to master it. If you want to stick to one office to manage all of your digital marketing needs be sure the office has a lot of resources. If you have developed a marketing plan you should see if the company has qualified resources in each digital marketing area that will be needed.

Digital Marketing Fields Include:

First Step – Research and Consultation

Before you dive into a marketing plan consider investing in some research so you better understand your customers, your competition and the marketing options so you can direct your marketing efforts in a more profitable direction. The money will be well spent as it can save you countless dollars in future marketing.

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