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Outsourcing Internet Marketing

Have you given any thought to outsourcing your Internet Marketing?

Ten to fifteen years ago Internet Marketing meant having a website. At that time it was possible to hire someone part-time or full time to manage a website and larger companies with hundreds or thousands of products might have a small team of people working on a website.

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The Internet Today

Now, imagine how complex a 3-D jigsaw puzzle would be if while you are trying to assemble it someone else is changing out pieces of the puzzle. That’s today’s internet marketing.

The time required for an individual to keep up to date on a small segment of Internet Marketing can be overwhelming. Most companies have one Internet Marketing person manage it all, and for most industries this model is no longer effective.

How can you master so many digital marketing products?

If you ask yourself why companies outsource to Attorneys, Accountants, Maintenance companies, etc. the answer will be the same. companies cannot afford nor does it make monetary sense to hire the staff required to manage those parts of their business.

In the survey below by Whitelane Research, 89% of clients said they were satisfied with their outsourcing contracts.

It is often the case that you will get more work out of your outsource people than your in house people. There are a few reasons for this:

  • People working in outsourced pools tend to be more specialized at their work which makes the work go faster and often deliver higher quality
  • Outsourced labor understand the boss cannot see them working so they need to make sure the results of their labor is measurable or they could lose their job. This tends to lead to more time spent than what is actually reported.
  • Your Company is not responsible for the benefit package of outsourced labor saving the company large sums of money that can be pumped back into the companies marketing
  • Good outsource companies have back up people so there is no loss of labor when someone is out sick or leaves the company. This saves you the time and expense of looking for a new employee and the training time required to get them up to speed.

Outsourcing has grown significantly since 2009 and the growing complexity of Internet Marketing will only lead to greater and greater use of specialized off-site resources.

Outsourcing trends
Outsourcing use by business category

Internet Marketing Outsource Key to Success

When hiring an outsource resource it is important to understand what you are looking for and what makes the resource a good fit for your business.

  • The company must understand the competitive factors your company faces online. If they do not research this information you need to find a company that can.
  • Choose a company that understands a wide variety of online marketing methods. To reduce the chances of them selling you want they are comfortable with rather than what would work best for your business.
  • If a company offers a solution without collecting data consider another company. Every company is different, even for those in the same business categories there are different marketing strategies that need to be deployed to make your company as successful as possible.
  • Does the company have the resources to fill a position seamlessly if they lose the employee working on your account?
  • Make sure that the business you choose for Internet Marketing is focused is on Internet Marketing. Many old media businesses are using Internet Marketing to prop up their old media business and they will always try to get you to spend more on their core business even if that is a poor investment for your company.
  • Look for an Internet Marketing outsource company that has a lead person who understands marketing first and technology second. The lead person should be the one you communicate thru. Behind the lead person there should be plenty of specialized technical support to meet all your website needs.

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Many marketing agencies suggest they are the best company to work with because they specialize in your businesses like yours. Perhaps they offer a website platform that is designed for your business segment. It is true that the company that specializes in a single segment can offer some benefits however it is important to separate the actual marketing of your business from some functional benefits of at specialized service. Why? If, for example, you own a furniture store and you use the same marketing company that your competitors do, it is likely that your marketing dollars will not as beneficial as they could be. The reason for that is that marketing research done for your company is likely to be shared with your competitors by your marketing agency that represents more than one furniture store. If your competitors use the same marketing techniques as your company your efforts will be diluted and not beneficial. Better Marketing Make sure the marketing company you select can commit to giving you exclusive service.  Exclusive service should mean that they do not work other companies in your industry or not with your direct competitors. When you develop a successful marketing campaign you will be glade your marketing company is not in touch with your competitors.


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