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WSI Solves Website/Internet Marketing Problems for Small Businesses

WSI acts like a digital marketing agency for small businesses that cannot afford a full-time staff to manage their internet marketing. Companies that only need occasional help with their website can also take advantage of the WSI resources. Here are a some common problems we hear from business owners that we are able to quickly address:

  • “Why is my website off-line?”
  • “The host is referring me to my webmaster, but I don’t have one?”
  • “How can I afford a webmaster?”
  • “How do I fix a security warning on my website?”
  • “Why does my website open so slowly”
  • “Why does my website look bad on some devices?”
  • “Why is my e-mail not being delivered from my website form”
  • “How can I improve the look of my website without rebuilding the entire website?”
  • “How can I get my website to show on maps” or other directories?
  • “Why is my website hard to find?”
  • “Can you add new functions to our website?”
  • “Can you update and add products to our store?”


We have been helping small businesses with website problem for over 20 years. Today WSI works with all sizes of businesses but small business is still the core of our business. We can help with all those problems you run into but don’t have time to deal with. The time you waste on trying to fix something yourself could be better time spent earning more for your business. Below are some of the services we included in our plans:

  • Website repairs
  • Security updates
  • Content management and layout help
  • Problems research and resolution
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Site speed corrections
  • Website analytics reporting

How Does This Work?

First, we will need to estimate what labor you might need over a year. Next we would then set up a Skype account for easy communications. Then we would need your website and/or social media information so we can easily manage problems or make changes as you need them.

You can choose a plan that allows for work done each week, each month or just occasionally. We also offer an open rate if only a one-time service account is needed.

Current plans available

Rates are subject to change without notice

*Please note that rate plans are subject to change, and your plan could be different from those above if your company has special needs that fall outside our website service plans. Share the details of your needs and WSI will develop a plan suited to those company needs.

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