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The popular platform is easy to use but sometimes difficult to manage

Proplems managing a DNN website usually show up when the website requires upgrades. Unlike some platforms that require automatic updates/upgrades DNN does not require upgrades be done on any schedule. At first this can make the website easier to maintain than other sites that might require updates can corrections for errors that occure when the updates are applied.

If you have not done updates and upgrades as they have become available you could quickly find yourself in the middle of a costly upgrade.

Upgrading a DNN Website can be a challenge, especially if you have installed additional modules or e-commerce such as Catalook

Having trouble managing your DNN website?

How to Head Off DNN Problems

Like most websites DNN websites require some maintenance both from the server side and software side. Security upgrades, server maintenance platform upgrades can all affect the performance of your website. And if you are using an e-commerce service such as Catalook, Cart Viper, Storefront or RazorCart you can experience more issues when upgrading your website or shoppoing cart.

It is best to upgrade your website as upgrades become available. Waiting until your website breaks tends to lead to expensive emergency repairs and a loss of income. If you need to upgrade some elements of your website it is important to test the upgrade to ensure the upgade does not create problems with other modules on your website.

A good resorce for DNN or Evoq problems is their community forum at

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