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Service Industry Marketing

Are you behind online?
I see a lot of people in the service industry such as Plumbers, Electricians, Drywall contractors, Paving contractors, roofing contractors, auto mechanics, machinist, etc. behind on developing a quality optimized website. Part of the reason for this is that they never needed one before and the other part of that is that for the past several years business has been good. Maybe even a little bit to good. So they put off development of a website for some future date. 
The caution I have for you procrastinators is that if you wait until the economy slows down, and you really need that website developing leads from a smaller and smaller buyer base, it will be too late. In addition to being too late you may not have the funds to develop a proper website. 
My suggestion is “do it now!” Why wait? The cost is probably less than you might expect and once you have a good website in place that targets the clients you want to work with the cost of the website will seem like nothing. And you will wonder why you waited so long.
Customer Confidence-
Keep in mind that a website gives your potential clients more confidence in what you offer and often a rate increase can follow the launch of a good website. 
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Online Marketing for the Service Industry
Many marketing agencies suggest they are the best company to work with because they specialize in your businesses like yours. Perhaps they offer a website platform that is designed for your business segment. It is true that the company that specializes in a single segment can offer some benefits however it is important to separate the actual marketing of your business from some functional benefits of at specialized service. Why? If, for example, you own a furniture store and you use the same marketing company that your competitors do, it is likely that your marketing dollars will not as beneficial as they could be. The reason for that is that marketing research done for your company is likely to be shared with your competitors by your marketing agency that represents more than one furniture store. If your competitors use the same marketing techniques as your company your efforts will be diluted and not beneficial. Better Marketing Make sure the marketing company you select can commit to giving you exclusive service.  Exclusive service should mean that they do not work other companies in your industry or not with your direct competitors. When you develop a successful marketing campaign you will be glade your marketing company is not in touch with your competitors.


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