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Why do so many new business fail?

The SBA states that 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first 10. The SBA goes on to state that only 25% make it to 15 years or more.
There are a lot of reasons for this high failure rate and most relate to the owners not collecting enough information to make informed decisions.

Discovery Process

Data collection is a process that should start before you decide to open a business and run through the life of the business. If you don’t have the proper information you could miss the target with your products, clients and marketing.

What information should you be collecting? *

  • You need to know how your product meets your customers needs and how it is better than your competitors products.
  • You need to know who your clients are and where/how you can find them
  • You need to know how your competitors are marketing their products and what other marketing vehicles could provide winning results.

WSI can help you research

WSI specializes in Internet Marketing and we are able to see what competitors are doing to market their businesses. This insight is used to make better decisions on where marketing could be profitable and when it could be a waste of valuable marketing dollars.
We can also research the number of likely shoppers vs. the number of competitors targeting them. When you know the likelihood of success when using a particular marketing method you can make better decisions with your marketing dollars and improve your ROI.

Investing in this type of research can be the difference between a company succeeding and failing.

If you are Interested in having WSI gather information to help with your companies marketing, give us a call.

* This is a simplified look at the kind of information you will need to run a successful business.

Digital Marketing From The Cloud

Henry Ford learned the advantages of mass production and dominated the auto industry.  Ford understood that people get better and quicker at what they do when they focus on that one thing.   At WSI we understand that concept too.  Across our network of over 1000 offices we have people who specialize in nearly all aspects of digital marketing.  Our specialists understand their area of expertise better because that is their focus.   With that focus comes higher quality and faster work.  That focus helps us to keep our people informed about the future because as we all know, Internet Marketing is changing all the time.

Henry Ford was ahead of his time.  Even more than he knew…

 “We are always seeking for those things which are in the clouds, not for those that lie at our feet.”

Subject: Natural Resources; America
SourceFord News, p. 2.
Date: 4/15/1925

Cloud Digital Marketers

Remote resources working on the same type of projects for many companies make them more like an assembly line in a cloud network.  No longer do you need to hire a costly team of full-time employees who may or may not have the skills to get the job done.  You will no longer need to search for new employees to replace those that leave.  You no longer do you have to spend marketing dollars on employee benefits.  More importantly, the WSI support team can grow and as your company grows.

Possible Marketing Plan

  • Face to face meetings to collect and share information
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Our specialized staff could work on your email marketing, blog and social media
  • Advertising such as Pay Per Click, Display and Re-marketing ads etc.
  • Need to add a program like Pardot to your Salesforce CRM so you can automate the email process?  We have a Pardot Certified technician (We offer many Certifications and specialties)
  • Our local office would manage all WSI resources and work closely with you reporting on our progress

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