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Seven Steps to SEO During and Post COVID-19

Here is what we see:
1. E-commerce sites selling essentials are up in traffic
2. Health & Wellness sites are exploding
3. Travel websites are all over the
4. Publisher websites are in high demand
5. Restaurants and retail are having to pivot
6. Volatility is present in almost all websites
7. Traditional business leads are slowing down

What Smart Business Owners Can Do Now

#1 – Monitor Consumer Patterns, Behaviors & Channel Preferences

•Monitor customer conversations
•Analyze data (Google Analytics)
•Learn from what other businesses like yours are doing
•Have direct conversations with
your customers to see what
they want

# 2 – Strive for Expertise, Authoritativeness,
& Trust (E.A.T)

Show Expertise: Find out what your audience is searching for, then meet and exceed their needs
Show Authority: Link authority and brand authority
Show Trust: Do your best to promote trustworthiness on your website

#3 – Manage Your Web Presence’s Media: Owned, Earned & Paid

Owned media: Website, Facebook page, and blogs
Earned media: Shared content, mentions of your brand on other channels, reviews
Paid media: Any paid third party channels your are leveraging to show your brand.

#4 – Audit Your Upcoming Content & Campaigns

We work with most leading platforms

Website Management

If you need help with your website we have experts that can help with-

  • Day to Day Website Management
  • Upgrades/Updates
  • Optimization
  • E-commerce (Set-up and/or Management)
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Layout Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Custom features
  • People you can trust

Why spend days or weeks trying to fix something on your website when WSI is just an email or phone call away. Most corrections can be completed by the next day. Contact us today to see how we can help make your business more profitable and easier to manage.

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