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How to Market a Business After a Two Month Shutdown

Every industry has been affected differently. In terms of online marketing it is important to consider some variables that will affect the your online marketing efforts.

  1. During this down-time many companies have been tuning up their websites, improving their SEO, preparing advertising campaigns, developing an email marketing stategy and even setting up client management tools so that when we get out of this shutdown they will be first to recover. It is possible some of your competitors might be a lot more competitive after this shutdown.
  2. For business categories that have been closed, the competition online for their products could be very low. If you advertise or work your SEO it is possible you could benefit from the lack of competition. Done properly your efforts could lead to your website leading your competitors as the economy recovers.
  3. Some businesses actually saw an increase in sales due to the nature of their business and this has lead to greater competition online because businesses are trying to capture more of that business.
  4. If you are in the fortunate position of having more business and your competitors have not increased their marketing budgets, then you could increase your marketing in order to get as much business as possible during this time. If you cage get to the top of search results you will not only do better now but potentially your business could do better in search results for several years.
Many marketing agencies suggest they are the best company to work with because they specialize in your businesses like yours. Perhaps they offer a website platform that is designed for your business segment. It is true that the company that specializes in a single segment can offer some benefits however it is important to separate the actual marketing of your business from some functional benefits of at specialized service. Why? If, for example, you own a furniture store and you use the same marketing company that your competitors do, it is likely that your marketing dollars will not as beneficial as they could be. The reason for that is that marketing research done for your company is likely to be shared with your competitors by your marketing agency that represents more than one furniture store. If your competitors use the same marketing techniques as your company your efforts will be diluted and not beneficial. Better Marketing Make sure the marketing company you select can commit to giving you exclusive service.  Exclusive service should mean that they do not work other companies in your industry or not with your direct competitors. When you develop a successful marketing campaign you will be glade your marketing company is not in touch with your competitors.


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