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April 21 Google tweaks the Algorithm for Mobile Friendly Websites. How will you rank?

Mobile Friendly Website

How do you rank?

So it’s possible that on April 21st Google will reveal its plans for page ranking mobile friendly website design, putting an end to all the speculation.

One thing is clear, no mater what Google does with page ranking, phone and mobile devices have become the dominant player in Online Search. The ease of use and the ability to check things on the fly from anywhere at any time has made phones in particular the search device of choice.  It’s becoming difficult to have a conversation with someone without them pulling out a phone to check on something you are discussing.  Its important to remember that people who have data phones typically have more disposable income and today nearly 65% percent of Americans own a Smart phone and 19% of Americans rely on their phone access to the Internet because they lack broadband at home.  If you live in the city you might forget that most of the US population live in rural areas and much of that area has little or no broadband.

So don’t discount mobile traffic as “not your niche”.  Instead think about all the people talking about your products and or services during a business lunch…each carrying a smart phone.

-Be sure to check back in with us following Google’s Mobile Friendly Website announcement on April 21st.


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