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Digital Marketing Case Studies

We think we’re great, but if you don’t trust us, take a thorough look at some of the work we’ve done below. And then go read about how happy our clients are.


Company Background

Ohio-based Citizens Federal Savings & Loan Association (CFSL) was established in 1885 and has been around for over 124 years. The organization prides itself on providing friendly and personal services to its customers since its inception. CFSL offers a wide range of deposit accounts and lending products to individuals and businesses in the region.

WSI Goals

Design Citizens Federal Savings & Loan’s social media (Facebook) campaign to maximize benefits keeping in mind factors like risk assessment, policy creation, internal procedures and all other issues that impact the banking and financial services.

Target Audience

Current and potential clients.

Services Provided

  • Designed social media strategy for the company with specific focus on building its Facebook page without violating regulation and compliance issues
  • Tailored the Facebook page to maximize interaction and visibility by including essential social media features like customized cover photo
  • Incorporated special “tab” on the Facebook page to promote a promotional contest designed especially for the company’s customer appreciation celebration
  • Provided extensive support during the initial stages of the social media campaign in reviewing results and providing advice on enhancing strategy and posting efforts The Results
  • Phenomenal fan growth of the Citizens Federal Savings & Loan Facebook fan page
  • Enhanced brand visibility due to Facebook posts going viral
  • Exposure of company’s products and services not restricted to the local population

The Results

    • Phenomenal fan growth of the Citizens Federal Savings & Loan Facebook fan page
    • Enhanced brand visibility due to Facebook posts going viral
    • Exposure of company’s products and services not restricted to the local population




Company Background

Europcar Poland is a part of the biggest car rental network in the world and has been present in the country since 1991. Its rental stations are situated in 12 major cities and at all international airports in Poland. The company offers its customers a diverse range of services and has partnered with various airlines, banks, credit card companies, hotels and other organizations to benefit its extensive client base.

WSI Goals

  • Integrate an advanced digital marketing strategy in the company’s marketing plan to increase company’s business revenues
  • Improve the quality and results of existing internet marketing campaigns like PPC that were being employed by the company in a limited manner
  • Increase website traffic
  • Track online performance and website conversion rate

Target Audience

  • Current & Potential Clients
  • Travel enthusiasts & Business Travelers

Services Provided

  • Overhauled company website equipped business tools like reservation module, fleet review module, car rental locations map, contact forms etc.
  • Designed a year-long promotional strategy to improve visibility and conversion of the company’s website incorporating effective initiatives like SEO, PPC and remarketing campaigns
  • Increased company’s search engine rankings
  • Generated web traffic using brand and non-brand related keywords
  • Analyzed performance of the company’s website
  • Managed company website content
  • Monitored online strategy results in order to make changes whenever required; undertook periodical competitor analysis

The Results

  • Number of visits to website increased by 120.39%
  • Bounce Rate was reduced by 29.7%
  • On average visitors saw 30.97% more pages per visit




Company Background

Mardi Gras Casino is South Florida's premier casino and gaming destination offering a unique experience with over 70,000 square feet of casino excitement. Located in Hallandale Beach it is a long standing South Florida hotspot, attracting both vacationers and locals for over 70 years.

WSI Goals

  • Strengthen Mardi Gras’ position in Florida’s competitive gaming and entertainment market by improving company’s ranking on Google and other search engines
  • Increase site traffic to the company’s West Virginia Casino & Hotel site
  • Revamp websites of both of company’s properties and incorporate elements like conversion architecture and adequate SEO to maximize ROI
  • Leverage effective digital marketing tools like PPC campaigns, social media marketing and blogs
  • Increase visitors to the casino and reservations at the West Virginia Hotel and help grow membership in their Player’s Clubs
  • Elevate overall awareness of the Mardi Gras brand

Target Audience

Casino, racing and entertainment enthusiasts.

Services Provided

  • Provided an effective SEO program consisting of 100 pages of original keyword rich content
  • Built an entirely brand new 100 plus page websites for both Mardi Gras Casinos & Racetracks as part of a comprehensive online marketing program
  • Developed powerful conversion architecture to the company’s site focusing on their key profit centers
  • Provided the websites a new look and feel that has been integrated into the brand’s overall branding
  • Provided daily content updates to the websites
  • Managed the company’s social media marketing campaign; created new Facebook and Twitter pages, posted on them on a daily basis, developed exclusive Facebook and Twitter promotions and run Facebook ads
  • Management of several ongoing PPC campaigns, developing a link building program as well as writing, optimizing and distributing several weekly blogs
  • Tracking and analysis of results

The Results

  • Over 300% of increased site traffic volume during the initial 6-month period
  • Dominant position in search pages for over 50 search terms; in several cases they dominated the first page and appeared multiple times with results from the site, blog and video channels
  • Enormously successful pay per click campaign with an average of 122 calls per week at a cost of $2.38 per call in the initial 4-week stage
  • Outstanding ROI for the hotel



Company Background

Basilico is a London-based gourmet pizza company specializing in a range of exceptionally good wood fired pizzas for takeaway or delivery in the area. The company maintains the quality of its products by sourcing high-quality ingredients exclusively from local suppliers. This limits Basilico’s area of operation but sets it apart from several other players who operate in the low cost pizza market.

WSI Goals

Revamp the company’s outdated and difficult to navigate website and give it a more appealing look and feel.

Target Audience

Local population of London.

Services Provided

  • Website and mobile website creation
  • Supply of an ongoing SEO package
  • Content management

The Results

  • Basilico’s fantastic, easy to navigate website with visuals and content that encourages online orders
  • Online orders accounting for 33.5% of all orders
  • An approximate13, 000 visitors per month with 78.84% of this number constituting of visitors from the target area
  • 35% of the value of orders coming through the web
  • 17.6% of visitors coming in through the company’s mobile site


How much time and/or money should a small business spend?

Professional marketing companies will recommend 7% to 8% of your revenue. Others will suggest that small businesses spend 7-20 hours a week. Larger companies more.
The truth is there is no perfect formula for how much time or dollars you should spend. There are so many variables that need to be considered to determine the amount of investment and where to spend it that most businesses go about marketing as if it were a dart game. They throw darts hoping to hit the bulls eye.

The problem is that without some solid marketing information it’s like throwing darts from 30 feet away. If you can gather up lots of information so you understand your customers better, your competition better and your marketing opportunities better you can move the target much closer. Once your darts are hitting the dart board you can start to zero in on the bulls eye.

Marketing Stress

There are three stresses that make up the majority of marketing stress for small to mid sized businesses.

  • Lack of time to manage the marketing
  • Lack of funds to higher a professional to manage the marketing
  • The difficulty in finding and retaining someone to manage marketing with the needed skills for your business

If you started a business with the knowledge that you would be responsible for marketing the business you should have time budgeted for those tasks and have some background that made you feel confident you could manage your the marketing for your company. If you started your business so you could work less or to run the business, you probably don’t have the time or the knowledge to do the marketing yourself. In fact trying to do the marketing when you are ill trained to do so can quickly take up all your time and probably not give you the best results.

The solution- Higher a professional

How to know if you have the right person for you marketing

Digital marketing is changing so rapidly that a small marketing office should probably only specialize in one part of digital marketing in order to master it. If you want to stick to one office to manage all of your digital marketing needs be sure the office has a lot of resources. If you have developed a marketing plan you should see if the company has qualified resources in each digital marketing area that will be needed.

Digital Marketing Fields Include:

First Step – Research and Consultation

Before you dive into a marketing plan consider investing in some research so you better understand your customers, your competition and the marketing options so you can direct your marketing efforts in a more profitable direction. The money will be well spent as it can save you countless dollars in future marketing.

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