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If you are in need of a part time or full time Internet Marketing Manager, web designer, online ad manager or social media manager WSI can provide the resources you need. Perhaps you need someone who specializes in Google Analitics, Salesforce, Hubspot or need someone certified in Google Ads.  WSI can provide those resources.

Why hire one, two or three Internet Marketing people when you can have access to hundreds when you need them.

1.     Digital Marketing Change

The best practices for internet marketing is changing fast and you will need someone who can keep up with those changes.  If you cannot stay ahead of the competition then you will be behind them.

2.     Scope of Marketing Needs

  • Web development, advertising, email marketing, competitor research, reputation management and social marketing may all be required to build a profitable campaign. Video
  • As digital marketing changes the marketing team will be required to adapt to those changes
  • A reliable staff and network of trained professionals will be required, as well as back up staff in the event any human resource is lost at some time in the future
  • It is important that your company be carefully represented to both protect its reputation and promote your services and products.
  • A Strong communications channel is important so the needs and outcomes can all the weighed.

3.     What WSI Can Do for Your Company

  • As Digital Marketing Manager our local office can oversee all digital marketing projects and communicate with senior staff and sales staff
  • If you have digital marketing people on staff we could work with them as well as any WSI resources needed to fill in where your resources are lacking
  • WSI resources are broad, with typically more than one resource to choose from for any digital marketing needs. This protects your company in the event a marketing resource needs to be replaced.
  • WSI keeps its staff up to date on current and future trends in digital marketing
  • As new marketing opportunities arrive WSI is quick to develop experts in that area. Your company would benefit from both that knowledge and their resources as needed
  • As a global company we have resources around the world to help expand your reach.  Testimonial Video

4.     Implementation Plan

  • First Step- Fully understand your companies objectives
  • Second- Collect data to support the objectives and to help give direction to the plan
  • Third- Once a plan is agreed on, develop a plan for in-house labor as needed and WSI outsourced labor
  • Forth- Once resources are in place a reporting plan will be developed for both inside and outside resources. In addition to that, steps would be taken to protect data and secure WSI management channels with your company.  This might include the use of a resource such as Basecamp, Sales Force, Podio, Hubspot or other CRM

5.    Following that we continually adjust to the new circumstances

An IBA is an Internet Business Analysis. It helps us understand where your business is and where it needs to be.

This office serves the Western North Carolina area and is located in Asheville. We know how important good communication is so we have local offices.  The day to day work is done from our office and other WSI offices.  The time we spend at your place of business is very important because it allows us to report on the results and exchange information for future decisions.  Analytics report

WSI has been around for over 22 years. We have over 1000 offices, production centers and authorized suppliers that have been thoroughly tested.

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