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How to Analyse the Marketing Activities of Your Competitors to Get Ahead

Your competitors marketing habits can tell you a lot about what marketing works and how much you might have to invest to be successful. If you missed our competitive research webinar in April of 2020 then check it out here.

If you would like help with your competitive research give us a call.

Exclusive Category Marketing Agreement

When internet marketing companies offer lower prices for services because they “specialize” in your industry, it is important to consider how that might affect your marketing effectiveness.

Say for example you want to target particular keywords or you have a unique campaign you would like to run. A marketing company with many clients in the same field will share everything they learn running your campaign with companies that could be your competition.

If you choose a company that will sign an exclusive category agreement you will have better control over your marketing plan. It is true that some services could cost a little more but for services such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Pay-Per-Click or other advertising, unique content development, video marketing, back-link development, etc. it is important to ensure you do not share your marketing plans with competitors.

WSI– At WSI of Asheville we have the ability to assign exclusive category agreements if those business categories have not been already assigned. Each WSI franchise office is independant and while we may utilize WSI resources from around the globe we can assign tasks to those resources that are both uniquely qualified for your company needs but also to those resources that do not work with your competition.

“Our success is tied to your success”

At WSI our success depends on your success.


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