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Get Control of Your Digital Footprint

The best way to determine the effectiveness of your online marketing is to have someone take a look from the outside in. WSI can shed light on the present condition of your website, the results of your online marketing efforts, your competitors efforts and help guide you to hidden revenue the internet offers to those with that knowledge.

Complimentary Internet Assessment Meeting

This one hour initial meeting in person or online is designed to help us understand the following marketing dynamics of your company:

  • History of your company
  • Your competitors
  • Demographics of your customer
  • What marketing has worked
  • What marketing has failed
  • Online marketing frustrations
  • Website frustrations
  • Top problems facing your company
  • Your company goals
  • Mutual Q&A session

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Other businesses we have worked with expressed the following:

  • Frustration that their investment in a website wasn’t resulting in traffic, leads or revenue
  • Confusion about implementing an online marketing plan and needing assistance to achieve their quarterly objectives
  • Juggling marketing efforts with little time, changing staff and many other tasks
  • Concerns they’ve spent thousands on marketing tactics that haven’t produced the desired results
  • Uncertainty about what components of their current strategy are generating positive business outcomes (i.e. revenue and market share)

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or use the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a free assessment
828-989-4831 or toll free at 866-751-7083

What Next?

By the end of our complimentary internet marketing assessment meeting we should have shared enough information to determine if a full Internet Business Analysis (IBA) is necessary to better understand your online challenges and opportunities. If not we can offer advise based on the information we discuss.

Should you decide to move forward with an Internet Business Analysis (IBA). Here are some areas we will investigate and report on:

  • Data-Driven Web Design Assessment and Heat Map Analysis
  • Site Search Visibility Analysis
  • Online Directory Analysis
  • Assessment of Search Visibility for Three Competitors (Traffic, Keywords & Online Presence)
  • Review of Your Marketing Technology Infrastructure
  • Comparison of Your Company’s Social Presence with Competition

With an IBA report you’ll be armed with a data-driven analysis to help you take a hard look at your current approach and see how your current strategy is working as well as where it needs improvement.

The regular price for this research is $725. If you agree to move forward the day of our assessment meeting the cost is reduced to $500. This will includes a comprehensive review of all the data along with suggestions from our marketing team based on those reports. At the conclusion of the report you can choose to proceed with WSI as your marketing partner, to improve your marketing efforts, or not. In either case the report is your guide to keep to improve your business.

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